The Best VPN For UnBlocking BBC iPlayer (2014)

The Best VPN For Unblocking BBC iPlayer

As you may know, British travelers and expats are blocked from connecting to services on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV on Demand and so on. These UK websites prevent visitors outside the UK from viewing British content. However, VPN services with servers in the UK (usually London) allow you to bypass location-based IP blocking and access British websites securely from anywhere in the world.

Best UK VPN Services Of 2012

Below are the best UK VPN services that allow you to access UK websites. They have servers located in England, and I’ve tested their services:

  • Private Internet Access (good speeds and attention to anonymity, based in the US)
  • IPVanish (very good speeds)
  • iVPN (robust documentation and support, but no torrenting allowed)

See my full review of these VPNs in this article.


  1. Poppy says

    Hi! I’m moving to China for a year in a few weeks and I’m finding all of this VPN stuff quite confusing. I want to use one but I don’t have a clue how to decide which is best for me. I want to be able to access websites like facebook and stream videos etc, are there any of the ones you’ve listed that you think are best for this?
    Thanks for your help!

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