The Best NZB Search Engines For 2015

Best NZB Search

In A Nutshell

Update: is open for public registration. This is currently my top recommended NZB search engine.

I personally use, it is by invitation only now.

My top recommended provider is Usenetserver (speedy, reliable, good retention) — see my article The Best Usenet Providers for more details.

The Details

On the Usenet, an NZB file is the equivalent of a torrent file for Bittorrent. It’s a small text file that points to the media you want — for more info see my introduction to the Usenet article.

Here are my recommendations for the best NZB search engines in 2015:

The Best Public NZB Search Engine: Binsearch

If you don’t want to register on a search site, and just want a basic NZB search — try Binsearch.

This free search works well, but it only displays the unsorted parts of a binary file on the Usenet. Here’s how to use it — type your keywords, then select the checkmark next to all the parts of a media file you want. Then press the “Create NZB” button and you’ll be prompted to download the NZB file. You must make sure you select all the parts of the media file, otherwise your NZB will not work.

Personally, I only use Binsearch as a last resort. The search engines listed below make downloading much easier.

Similar raw indexes: NZBIndex.NL or NZBClub

The Best Free NZB Engines

If you need a better organized, more comprehensive NZB search, try a member-only site. These sites tend to come and go, and they often close their public registrations.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Open registration. Appears to be a very good index.
  • OZnzb: Open registration. Good index but has a captcha & free accounts limited to 5 searches per day.
  • Very comprehensive index (I use this one) — but registration is by invitation only now.
  • (open registration, search produces good results but not quite as comprehensive as others)
  • DogNZB (open for registration for short periods every few weeks — now open May 2nd)
  • NZBmegasearch (a stand-alone app – here’s a guide to installing it in the cloud)
  • (by invite only — indexes audio books)
  • NZBHangout (newly open for registration but require invitation code)
  • (seems to be the same as Binsearch)
  • nMatrix (private registration — not currently open)

Other Usenet Tips

Before you can start downloading from the Usenet, you need to pay for Usenet access from a provider. You can expect to pay about $8-$20 per month for access. I recommend Usenetserver for  Usenet access, and these are my other recommended Usenet Providers.

The Best Usenet Client: SABNZDb (free)

You’ll need an application to download all your NZB files. My recommended app is SABnzbd (for Windows, Mac and Linux).

Use a VPN

It’s unlikely that you’ll be spied upon when using the Usenet, but it still a possibility. Using a VPN is a straightforward way to conceal your IP address, and ensure your privacy. The best VPNs are those have policies that allow P2P transfers on their servers, like ExpressVPN.


  1. mingler says

    1) you need to maintain at least two, but more like 3-4 search engines. 1 main, one main backup, and 1-2 “desperate” backups.

    Primarily to deal with DMCAs, but there are plenty of times when old content or content posted on obscure groups that may not be indexed by all search engines (There are between 40,000-50,000 “actively” updated groups, and not all of them are indexed by either search engines or providers) fails to turn up on most search engines

    and yes: if you are really desperate, Google is an alternative.

    2) its 2015, and if you don’t have an account on *ONE* of the spotting/posting forums, you are screwed.

    Not all of them are invite only, though the best mainstream one is currently invite only.

    However, that forum has allocated 5 invites to each of its members.

  2. Nigel says

    Use Can’t find a way or a setting to get results older than 1100 days. But the usenet servers have retentions of double this. (Binsearch is even worse this way.)

  3. says

    I have been using this forum for quite a while to find good download progs the forum needs a log-in name and pass the pass must be longer than 8 letters or numbers, this is maybe why he could not get his password accepted

  4. Darko says – (open registration, excellent search, now requires a email verification & free accounts limited to 25 searches per day – German Releases only)

  5. Bill says

    I suspect is not a real search engine. It seems to be a trap to get your e-mail address. You have to register to use the site. However, the password that you enter will never work. So, they have your e-mail and you have no nzb files.

  6. says

    Hardly anyone needs 50 connections, and Newsdemon apparently stretches the truth about their unlimited downloads. I read reports like this about Newsdemon:

    I’ve been seeing enough of this recently that I don’t doubt that Newsdemon is indeed cutting people off who hit an unwritten cap. I’ve been using them for years with no problem but my use is much much lower than yours.

    It’s disappointing that they are doing this after advertising unlimited service with no caps which they apparently have no intent of holding themselves too. Instead they are cutting off users after breaking an unwritten rule, and not being honest with the user about the reason for it. The whole thing is very sleazy and dishonest, and this kind of behavior coupled with that accounting issue that happened a while back where users were having their payment dates moved up a couple days every month, essentially losing days they had paid for, has revealed them to be a company that I can no longer recommend to anyone.

    I’m sure if you read over their TOS they have some clause in there stating they can terminate your account for any reason with or without cause, and since they’ve refunded your money there isn’t much basis to claim you’ve been harmed by their action… it’s just so sleazy.

    The silly thing is they probably could have been honest and just advertised whatever their real cap is and people would still use their service at the lower prices they offer. There was no reason for them to lie.

  7. Jerakeen says

    Well, I use Newsdemon and I would definitely class myself as a heavy user and I’ve had no problems with them.

    True, they’re not as fast as someone like Giganews but they’re under half the price.

  8. says

    Newsdemon lacks customer support – for example, they couldn’t even respond to my request to test their service. From July 5th:

    Your information has been submitted for further evaluation. You will be notified soon via email

    Then no follow up…

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