The Best Music Player For Android 2013

Best Music Player Android

PlayerPro is my top rated music player for Android. This app is a fully-featured music player, with features such as automatic album art downloading, customizable music organization, gesture support, and a variety of widgets for your home or lock screen. Most importantly though, it is less prone to skipping than similar players for Android.

To really prevent skipping, it does help to set the Audio Buffer to “very large” and the audio priority to “maximum”. To adjust these settings, you’ll need to download a “DSP Pack” app, and follow these instructions:

From PlayerPro, go to Settings > Audio > Download DSP pack

  1. Once installed, activate the audio pack via Settings > Audio > Activate DSP pack option
  2. Restart PlayerPro for the changes to take effect
  3. The equalizer settings are available via the option menu and on the default player screen
  4. Adjust the audio buffer if you experience playback skipping (old/less powerful devices): Settings > Audio > Audio buffer.

You can get a free trial version of the player — the paid version costs $4.95.


  1. says

    Player pro is really one of the best playes. I’ve been using a combination of the Amazon mp3 player and Google play. If I could upload music that I purchase from Amazon in my phone to the Google server, I’d be at the Pearly Gates. If Google would incorporate Google Listen (updated, of course) into Play music, THEN I’d be in Heaven!

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