The Best VPNs To Use In China (Updated April 2014)


In A Nutshell As of February 2014, a new round of blocking was activated in China. We currently recommend these VPNs to bypass the firewall: 12VPN: Headquartered in Hong Kong, and they have experience with the Great Firewall, many Chinese customers. 7 day money back policy. But no P2P downloading/torrenting. ExpressVPN: Servers in Hong Kong […]

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How To Make Your Linux and VPNs Installs Easier


If you want to get started with VPNs and Linux without a lot of hassle, here are some recommendations: Get A Pre-Configured VPN Router A pre-configured VPN router can provide all your computers and mobile devices with encrypted internet connections. You won’t have to install a VPN client on each device, and all your devices […]

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