How To Create Masked Credit Cards


I’ve been testing Blur — an identity masking masking service, for about six months. It allows you to create credit cards that are not linked to your personal information. There are three advantages to a virtual credit card: You won’t be giving out your personal information (such as your name and address) The cards have […]

Wallabag: A Free And Open Source Replacement For Instapaper


Wallabag is a “a self hostable application for saving web pages”. Basically, it’s a free, secure, and open source alternative to services like Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. Beyond the Wallabag web interface, you can find Wallabag applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. There’s also add-ons available for Firefox and Chrome, as well as a bookmarklet. […]

FireChat: An App That Allows You To Communicate Without An Internet Connection


FireChat is an iOS and Android app that enables smartphone users to chat even without a cellular or internet connection. That’s why it bills itself as an “off-the-grid” messaging app. FireChat is being used by the protesters in Hong Kong, to ensure that they can continue to communicatte if the Internet is blocked. It can […]