FireChat: An App That Allows You To Communicate Without An Internet Connection


FireChat is an iOS and Android app that enables smartphone users to chat even without a cellular or internet connection. That’s why it bills itself as an “off-the-grid” messaging app. FireChat is being used by the protesters in Hong Kong, to ensure that they can continue to communicatte if the Internet is blocked. It can […]

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Popcorn Time: Watch Torrent Movies Instantly


Update: Popcorn Time is gone. No, it’s apparently back. Popcorn Time is a free application that streams torrents and plays them instantly in your browser. Basically, it’s like Netflix but more efficient, and much of media in the world is available to you. The developers say “it works as a browser that uses HTML, CSS […]

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How To Download Media On iPhones and iPads


Apple devices are quite restricted, making downloading media difficult. For example, there are no Torrent or Usenet apps available. However there are some ways to obtain media easily: Get a Easynews subscription. Easynews provides a web interface to the Usenet, with search capabilities (if you don’t know what the Usenet is, see our previous article). You […]

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EarthVPN Introduces Static IPs, SSH Tunnels and Port Forwarding


Update: EarthVPN  was recently hacked, and is apparently keeps logs, and may also be spamming it’s users. We no longer recommend this provider. EarthVPN is a privacy-friendly VPN provider that has servers in 32 countries. They are are located in the jurisdiction of Northern Cyprus where there is no log/data retention law. Recently, they introduced some […]

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