2014 Update On User-Empowering Software


Here is some notable free software news for the new year: You can now pay for purchases on Overstock.Com with Bitcoins Bittorrent Sync, the distributed Dropbox-like file syncing system, is now available for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows Wickr, the private instant message system, is now available for both Android and iOS Trisquel, a […]

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The Best Bitcoin Exchanges Of 2012


Bitcoin exchanges are services where you can buy and sell bitcoins for your local currency. You can add funds to these exchanges with a bank transfer or by using other payment processors like Dwolla and OKPay. Generally, these exchanges don’t accept Paypal and credit cards because of the potential for fraudulent charge-backs. Also, PayPal’s user […]

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What Are Bitcoins?

Physical Bitcoins

Bitcoins a type of money that can be freely sent over the internet to anyone in the world, in any amount big or small, without any middleman (peer-to-peer). Unlike US Dollars, whose value is diminished by the government printing more dollars every day, Bitcoins are created at a predictable and known rate by individuals all […]

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