How To Share Files Privately Using BitTorrent and Usenet


In this article, I’ll summarize how to share files privately, without being spied upon. I’ll cover two file sharing networks — Bittorrent and the Usenet. The Usenet tends to have faster downloads, until you get a good download/upload ratio on Bittorrent (if you don’t know what the Usenet is, please see this article). Using BitTorrent […]

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Storing Large Video and Music Files On Android


Now that Android tablets accept large-capacity Micro Secure Disk memory cards, it’s possible to carry your entire media collection in your pocket. Currently, you can buy a 64 GB (gigabtye) Micro Secure Disk (microSD), and use it in most of the newer Android tablets and phones. These memory cards can store about 177 full albums in FLAC […]

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