EarthVPN Introduces Static IPs, SSH Tunnels and Port Forwarding

EarthVPN Review

UpdateEarthVPN  was recently hacked, and is apparently keeps logs, and may also be spamming it’s users. We no longer recommend this provider.

EarthVPN is a privacy-friendly VPN provider that has servers in 32 countries. They are are located in the jurisdiction of Northern Cyprus where there is no log/data retention law. Recently, they introduced some handy new features:

Static IP

EarthVPN will maintain a static IP address if you connect to the same server each time. You can use this feature for permitting access for static IP on your applications/web sites.

SSH Tunnel/Socks Proxy

You can enable SSH Tunnel/Socks proxy on 32 countries. You can use this feature as an alternative to VPN protocols or as a Torrent/Browser proxy or double encryption with VPN.

256bit Encryption for AES and SSL

You can enable 256bit AES and SSL Encryption for OpenVPN and SSTP Protocols

Port Forwarding

You can enable 1 TCP and UDP dynamic port forwarding. This feature will speed up your P2P/Torrent applications.

Dedicated IP

You can have your own Dedicated IP with all ports forwarded to your IP.You can run your own applications behind our VPN service.Please contact us for the country you need Dedicated IP.

EarthVPN supports P2P/torrenting on their servers outside the US — those in Canada, Panama, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania.

Link: EarthVPN


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