The Best VPN Providers That Offer Dedicated IPs


In A Nutshell

Here are three reliable VPN providers that provide dedicated IP address:

  • NordVPN: (you can request dedicated IPs by emailing support) — has a strong emphasis on privacy
  • PureVPN (dedicated IPs can be requested during registration) — good network performance but poor customer service

The Details

A VPN with a dedicated or static IP address is useful when playing games online or logging into certain services (such as banks, e-mail providers, etc.)

Also, some sites will simply reject your attempt to connect if you are on a dynamic VPN service.

At NordVPN you can request a dedicate IP address via their support. They offer dedicated IP addresses in the United States and Australia. They mention that static IP address have an additional cost, but they do not mention the price.

A dedicated IP address cost an extra $4.99 from PureVPN. You can choose an IP in four locations: US, Canada, UK or Germany.


  1. says

    I am also using PURE VPN from last two year. It is providing us satisfaction according to our requirement. This is a VPN proxy software through which I can get US ip address automatically. . I think that it is the best app for all those who want to get access on all the blocked website.

  2. bryan says

    PureVPN seems to be good in dedicated IP segment. I got the German IP from them for secure remote access to office network in Berlin.

    Recently I got an email that they are also offering Dedicated IPs that protect from DDoS attack. Seems like they are targeting business Sector.

  3. says

    Thanks for the article I gave purevpn a try for dedicated ips and had horrible luck because i wanted it for ebay stealth to make another ebay account after being suspended and didn’t work but luckily i found 24vc and they work well for amazon and ebay but kind of expensive so i will look into nord as well but happy with 24vc so far

    • says

      @Alex – Unlucky for you, I have been using purevpn dedicated ip service for over an year and not once has it troubled me. And honestly I have never seen or heard about 24c anywhere. Did you just comment for the sake of promotion?

      Whatever the reason may be you shouldn’t misdirect the neutral users at least.

      @Admin please be responsible!

      • Toker says

        I must agree with your comment.

        Been using PureVPN for just over two years now and never a problem.

        Sorry to hear about your problems @ Alex, but no need to slate the program based

        on 1 problem (which was of your own making btw)

        If we all based our opinions on 1 problem / error then just imagine…………

        @Admin, thanks for the helpful reviews.


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