How To Avoid Giving Out Your Personal Information


Here are some simple steps to avoid giving out your personal information: Give Out A Separate Email Address Create a separate email address and give it to companies who needlessly request one. This really helps reduce spam, I use a disposal email address. Give Out A Fake/Virtual Phone Number Give out a fake phone number […]

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ווי צו בייפּאַס די גרויס פירעוואַלל פון טשיינאַ 2014


די יזיאַסט וועג צו בייפּאַס די כינעזיש פירעוואַלל איז צו קויפן אַ וופּן אַז סערוועס טשיינאַ. איך רעקאָמענדירן די וופּן באַדינונגען:

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The Best VPN Providers That Offer Dedicated IPs


In A Nutshell Here are three reliable VPN providers that provide dedicated IP address: נאָרדוופּן: (you can request dedicated IPs by emailing support) — has a strong emphasis on privacy PureVPN (dedicated IPs can be requested during registration) – has very good apps and good network performance StrongVPN: offers dedicated IP packages, amongst their confusing […]

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בעסטער Usenet פּראָווידערס פון 2014

The Best Usenet Providers Of 2013

In a Nutshell Here are my updated recommendations for the best Usenet Providers of 2014: פֿאַר ביליק, uncensored Usenet access I recommend Astraweb For robust Usenet access, מיט אַ געבויט, אין זוכן און ווידעא פּריוויוז, I recommend Usenetserver For block accounts (י.ע. באַקקופּ אַקאַונץ), I recommend NewsgroupDirect To achieve Usenet nirvana, I recommend using SabNZBd as […]

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