Najlepszy VPN dla Chin (Updated November 2014)


In A Nutshell The internet blocks that the Chinese government implements seems to change daily. Even if you use the VPNs listed below, you may find that your connections are blocked in some circumstances. We currently recommend these providers as the best VPNs for China: ExpressVPN: Serwery w Hongkongu i na Zachodnim Wybrzeżu USA. Many apps […]

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Najlepsze dostawców Usenetu 2014

The Best Usenet Providers Of 2013

In a Nutshell Here are my updated recommendations for the best Usenet Providers of 2014: I recommend using a US-based provider like Usenetserver (speedy, reliable, good retention) Get a block account from XLned (Niderlandy) to fill any missing files (sourced from XSNewsa separate Usenet feed) To achieve Usenet nirvana, I recommend using SabNZBd […]

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Trzy dostawcy DNS, które nie cenzurować lub Zaloguj zapytania


A DNS (Domain Name Service) translates a human-friendly Internet address such as “” into an IP address, such as “”. Jednak, many ISPs and public DNS providers will log your queries or censor websites via DNS. Here is a list of DNS providers that are uncensored and do not log your DNS queries: FreeDNS – […]

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