A Road Map To Privacy Online


Privacy on the internet is something we should all seek. Even if you feel you have “nothing to hide” you probably still value having curtains on your windows, або не маюць вашы заявы крэдытнай карты даступныя для тых, хто чытаў. Таксама, most people are not comfortable with having every email they write and every web […]

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MaskMe: Protect Your Real Email Addresses, Phone Numbers and Credit Cards


I’ve been testing the MaskMe service, and I’ve found it be immediately useful. The service really does allow you to mask your personal information while online (and off-line too). Расходы на абслугоўванне $5 у месяц, або $45 у год. It allows you generate: Email addresses that forward to your real address until you choose to […]

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NinjaStik: Boot To An Anonymous OS In 60 Seconds


The NinjaStik is a bootable USB 3.0 memory stick. It allows to you boot your computer into an anonymous operating system (via custom firmware and Linux-based OS). There are a host of privacy-related tools on the stickincluding a Tor Browser, a Bitcoin Wallet and Thunderbird with Enigmail installed. According to the company the […]

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How To Get A Disposal Phone Number Or Text (SMS) Адрас


Disposal phone number are useful whenever you want to give out a phone number, but do not want to reveal you personal, private number. The services listed below allow you create disposable phone numbers fairly inexpensively. Free Disposable SMS If you just need a temporary SMS number, try the free services listed below. Note that […]

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A List Of Email Providers That Don’t Track You


In A Nutshell If you are interested in a reasonable level of email privacy (securely stored and not scanned) consider FastMail. If you want your emails a bit more private and stored in Switzerland, consider MyKolab. If you want end-to-end email encryption, consider Tutanota or Countermail. The Details Almost all of us would prefer our […]

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